^ THIS IS conor.
thsi page is about him, where you can learn about conner

my mom says connor is cool.

THESE ARE FACTS about connor:

connor is a boy.

he is NOT gay, so gay men STOP messageing him!!!! now onto the next fact abour connor

conrad j. foster was born on september 11th, 2001.

it is a day, he remembers

he live in teNNesseeEEeE

yee haw. haha

connor will die on april 4th, 1968.

connor's other names are:

ahaha get it??!? >:)

favourite colore: twelve

favorite foods:computer,

favrut letter: pine cone

favet animale: i like these facts because they're SO RANDOM!!!! haha.

FACT: he goes weeeeee on skateboard

FACT: connor have a finger that is permanently stuck out, and will point directly at any lowlife internet user that walks by

coonor signature:

that is all the facts of connor for now.

NOW THAT you are done learning about CONNOR...

what will you do with youre life??