ZAF ("POPKILL") is a 16-year-old cyber-deviant and HTML-noob from GREAT BRITAIN.

ZAF makes noise and video imagery of debatable quality through the power of her crusty, weak all-in-one PERSONAL COMPUTER.

ZAF has been "ENTERTAINING" through these mediums since she was 11 years old; most of her produce is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, and should not be heard or seen.

ZAF is a ragtag little-bo-punk with a perpetual appetite for technology and terror.

ZAF will continue to destroy her life, along with those surrounding her, for the sake of the production of SUBPAR ENTERTAINMENT.

ZAF is ready and willing to fight for GOD, LIBERTY and MANA-SAMA.

through peaceful means, of course.

ZAF thanks FRIENDS, FANS and PEOPLE that randomly found this website but kept reading anyway.

me in 2006

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